Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Jersey Singles Reviews Tops Qualities To Look For In A Man

After talking to many New Jersey singles and asking the top qualities they considered an absolute must-have when considering to date a man, some of the answers were predictable, while others were a little surprising.  One of the most desired qualities that these single women want in a man is that he must have a job and good work ethics.  Many single women didn't care what the job was as long as he had one, they just wanted to know that he was able to maintain a daily job and hold responsibilities.  Since most women aren't confined to being housewives nowadays, it doesn't concern them how much money a man makes since she's making her own living.  Women are just happy to know he can hold down a steady job and know they won't be the one supporting him.

 Another top quality most New Jersey singles were looking for in a man was that he must be compassionate.  Women want to know that the man they'll be dating is compassionate not only towards her, but to other things in life.  Whether it is his career, sports, or other hobbies, being compassionate shows he's capable of being dedicated and committed to something.

A lot of New Jersey singles also mentioned that a man that likes children ranks high on their list.  This is obvious because most women want to have children at some point in their lives, and to them it seems like a waste of time to pursue a relationship with a man who doesn't share the same goals and expectations when it comes to family and children.  Basically, if a man doesn't want children, it will be a deal breaker for women who are looking forward to raising a family in the future. 

No big surprise here, one of the most sought after qualities New Jersey singles look for in a man is a great sense of humor.  Having a good sense of humor and being able to make a woman laugh is something every woman wants in a man. Women said that laughter makes them feel good and when a man can make them feel good, even after a bad day at work, it really relaxes them and makes them forget about all the bad things for a while. 

Religious beliefs is another quality that most New Jersey singles talked about, of course, this quality cannot be changed so finding someone with the same beliefs could be difficult, but is a must.  Finding someone they don't clash heads with over religion is very important to them, especially if they plan on having kids in the future.  Women want a man who shares the same faith as they do because conflict could arise down the road when it comes to choosing which faith to raise the children.

Believe it, or not, another quality that a lot of New Jersey singles were looking for was a man who has good grammar and spelling.  A well-spoken man displays intelligence and maturity.  Women didn't say he had to be a rocket-scientist or perfect in everything they say or write, but that he had to know the difference between everyday words such as you're & your, than & then, etc.  Not knowing the difference between simple words such as these can really be very unattractive.

New Jersey singles were also looking for a man that can communicate well with them.  They want a man who is able to give more than hasty one word answers.  Women love to talk so they want someone who is there not only listen, but someone who can give relevant feedback.  They don't want to have one-sided conversations over dinner when they're trying to talk about their day.  It's important that a man contributes to conversation and lets a woman know how he's feeling as well.

Surprisingly, a lot of New Jersey singles said that a man's political views play a big role in dating.  They don't want to date someone who is at the opposite end of the political spectrum as them.  Some women believe a few differences could be interesting for the relationship, but complete opposites are bound to clash.  Many women have issues they feel strongly about and if the man they're dating doesn't agree with them, it could cause a lot of conflict in the relationship. 

Another quality that was desired by many New Jersey singles was a man that knows how to show them love.  Women love to be pampered and told how much they are loved and cared for so it's understandable they need a man who can them.  A man must have the ability to show a woman he cares for her, not only verbally, but through his actions as well.  From holding hands, hugging, kissing, or even just being close, it really makes a woman feel whole. 

There's no question about this one, all New Jersey singles were looking for a man who is loyal to them.  Women want to know they can fully trust the man they're dating, they want someone to share all their deepest thoughts and secrets with, not someone they fear will betray them.

New Jersey singles were very clear when saying they want a man who is confident!  Women are highly attracted to men who are secure in themselves, can handle any situation, and doesn't always seek the approval of others.

And, the one everybody has been waiting for... One of the other qualities that wasn't a big surprise from New Jersey singles was that they want a man with a nice physical appearance.  Women want a man that is good looking, someone who takes pride in themselves.  Every woman agreed that a man should have a good sense of hygiene, know how to dress, as well as how to present himself.  The preferred body type was also mentioned, but surprisingly, a lot of women prefer a thicker body type, and other the more masculine and muscular men.  Many women like to date a guy who is tall because it really makes them feel secure and protected when they're together.  Dental health was also brought up by many women, they want to be with a guy who has a nice smile and takes care of his teeth.  But, there are a lot of characteristics that make a man attractive to a woman.

And, last, but certainly, not least, women want a man with aspirations and goals for the future.  A man with goals and plans for the future is a huge catch for women, it's extremely attractive.  When a man is moving towards something in life, it shows a woman he's exciting and dedicated.  Women don't want to date someone sitting on their mother's couch being content with their 9-5 job, they want a man who is always striving to be better in life.  All women want to know they have a secure future with someone who is always trying to improve themselves and get further ahead in life. 

While generally speaking, most women were looking for a man who possesses qualities that she has herself.  It's no big surprise that New Jersey singles want to date men who share the same interests, goals, and expectations in life. 

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